Our Story

Reignfull is a brand that combines American and Desi cultures, founded by a first-generation South Asian-American. The inspiration for Reignfull stems from a common experience that many of us have shared. Growing up in America, I often felt like I was leading a double life - too American for the Desi community and too Desi for my American friends. In my twenties, I came to the realization that it was unfortunate to separate my life instead of embracing both cultures. This realization fueled Reignfull, which features apparel, accessories, and other merch with common phrases that many of us relate to because although we’re assimilating into American culture, it's important to instill pride in our Desi heritage for our future generations.

At Reignfull, our mission is to represent the South Asian community, promote inclusivity, and make people laugh. 🙂


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