Our Story

Reignfull is an American-Desi brand founded by two first generation Indian-American’s. We launched our website because of a story you’ve probably heard more times than not. We were born and raised in America and felt like we lived a double life. We were “too American” for Desi’s but “too Desi” for American’s. We’d hang out with our American friends at school, but we’d come home to our Desi life - helping our parents in the kitchen, eating Indian food, going to Indian events at the hall, etc. Now we’re in our twenties and realize how unfortunate it was to separate our lives instead of embracing both cultures. Reignfull’s apparel has common phrases that we grew up saying/hearing because even though we’re assimilating into the American culture, we want our next generation to embrace and be proud of being Desi!

So long story short, our mission at Reignfull is to bring representation to the South Asian community as well as encourage inclusivity and make people laugh🙂.

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